NOSK, nasal filter is Personal Air Filtration System that is clinically proven to reduce the inhalation of pollutants, allergens and hazardous substances. NOSK is constructed with twin soft nasal filters that gently slip into the nostrils that are held in place by a thin strip, virtually invisible to those around you.
NOSK's twin soft nasal filters are filled with microfibers that filter out minute particles without interfering with your natural breathing. NOSK filters block hazardous substances, such as microscopic dust particles, airborne dust and pollen, and chemicals, improving the quality of air that you breathe.
Simple to use, just insert NOSK into the nasal cavities. Breathe in through your nose to set the filter in place. Exhale and the filter will contract to allow air to flow out. To remove, just gently slide NOSK out of the nasal cavities.
People who suffer from mild Asthma, allergies or who want to improve their nasal breathing can use NOSK, as a drug-free solution. NOSK can be used whenever allergy, asthma, respiratory distress or easier breathing is desired . The manufacturer does not recommend use for individuals who have pierced noses or septum's.
Yes NOSK is reusable, however we recommend gently rinsing it off in clean water in between uses.
NOSK is drug-free with no side effects so it can be safely used in conjunction with other medications.
Yes. In independent laboratory studies, NOSK filters have been proven to filter out dust and allergens above 1 micron.
NOSK is based on years of research and was designed by top Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. NOSK fits comfortably in your nose, giving you the freedom to talk, and even eat while providing unparalleled allergy relief.
NOSK can be used anywhere, and is perfect for use:
  • Industy and smoky areas
  • At construction sites
  • Visiting the hospital
  • At the nail salon
  • On the subway
  • In a factory
  • In the garage
  • While driving
NOSK is made from sterile medical-grade materials and N95 filter. The plastic strip that holds NOSK securely in place is made from soft and pliable non-toxic POE.
NOSK is safe, drug, latex, adhesive, allergen free. NOSK is registered and listed with CE and FDA in USA. NOSK passed testing for harmful chemicals, compounds and elements from the Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute.
NOSK poses no health risks, but it is highly recommended that all instructions are followed carefully. Consultation with a physician is recommended for those who have recently undergone any nasal/nose surgery or suffered from any condition related to the nose, nasal cavity or sinuses including but not limited to; sores, lesions, bleeding, infections, swelling, facial pain/pressure, discharge, fever, and or any sleeping or breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. NOSK is not recommended for use for over 12 consecutive hours. Reuse of NOSK is not recommended without rinsing the filter gently in clean water. NOSK may cause a bulge when inserted into the nasal cavity, this is not permanent and will disappear when the product is removed. NOSK is designed with your comfort in mind, however if you experience any discomfort remove the filter immediately.
If the connecting clip should break and the filter does not dislodge from the nasal cavity, gently push the exterior of your nose inward to prevent the filters from migrating up further in your nasal cavities. Then press your fingers down sliding from the bridge to the tip of your nose, to push the filters out. If any part of NOSK still remains in the nostril use the remaining piece of the clip to remove the filters, by gently pulling them downward. If the device still remains in the nostril, close the opposite nostril and blow out through the other nostril. If you are still unable to remove the nasal filter using any of the aforementioned methods, contact a physician.
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